How we make your clothes is important

We are passionate about what we do at Sylvia P. We're passionate about making sure our customers get the best quality product at an affordable price. The vast majority of our production is in-house right here in Brisbane, Australia. For a small few Practice Wear garments we do manufacture in China. Why? Well it depends on fabric availability and expertise. Rest assured, all products go through our stringent QA tests because quality is key for Sylvia P.

Every garment begins in the minds of our in-house design team. They find fabrics from all over the world and combine them with the latest trends to create our beautiful garments. After design, our production team gets a taste of the newest garments while they create a sample. Then it's off to our photoshoot, where we enlist the help of a fun group of professionals and models. At the same time our production teams, cut, sew and quality check every garment. It's over to our marketing team to tell you about our awesome new garments. Finally, our logistics team pack and send them to you. Then, tomorrow we do it all again. We run Sylvia P like one big family and look after our own. Sylvia P provides workers with fair wages and good working conditions.

Manufacturing in Brisbane, Australia

In 1994 Sylvia P started with Sylvia Pichler sewing a leotard for her daughter Sandra in good old Brisbane. Over 24 years later and we’re still manufacturing in Australia, but the operation is a little bigger. Situated 30 mins from the Brisbane CBD, our head office is busy! Production is a buzzing hive of sewing machines, printing press, cutting machines, and crystal gluing. When we’re not busy creating Sylvia P magic, you’ll find us all taking our breaks together in the lunchroom. Our business started with family, and that’s the vibe we hope to continue as we grow. Our team members are paid fairly and have the option to be flexible with their hours. We believe in looking after our team – they’re like family after all.

To find out more about life at Sylvia P head to our LinkedIn page.

Manufacturing in China

In 2017 Sylvia P decided to explore our options for manufacturing overseas. This was to supplement the work of the Australian team and to bring new styles to life. We intend to will keep manufacturing here in Australia, and to expand our team in the future! We looked at the cool products we had planned and wanted to ensure we could deliver high-quality at a good price. Manufacturing can be expensive in Australia. We decided there were some products we could look to have made overseas.

Our management team booked flights to China to visit a range of factories. We want to find one that aligned with Sylvia P’s vision. There were a few places that didn’t have the same standards as our Aussie operation. Then finally we found the one. With good lighting, working hours and wages, and a clean and tidy work environment – we picked the factory that reminded us most of back home.

Luckily their skillset, machinery, and access to fabric meant that we could extend our product range too!

Buy your activewear from Sylvia P and support workers with fair wages and good working conditions.