On April 7th, 2023, the life of Ava Costa, a 14-year-old gymnast on the Australian National Team, changed overnight. She sustained a serious spinal injury during training that left her with no movement below her point of injury, despite emergency surgery. Ava has been a dedicated gymnast since the age of 5 and was training for the 2024 Olympics. Her mental and physical strength has propelled her to the elite level of sports—positioning her as a role model to many young aspiring gymnasts.


It's hard to imagine the heartache that Ava's family is experiencing as they navigate this unexpected life-altering event—however, the Costa family is not giving up on Ava's recovery. In collaboration and support of Ava and her family, we have created a limited edition, made-to-order leotard to spread a message of hope, love, and prayers to believe in Ava's recovery.

For each garment sold, we will be donating the profits to the Walking With Ava Foundation to support Ava's journey to recovery. Your purchase will help Ava and her family while also promoting a message of hope and positivity. It's a small gesture that will make a significant impact on the Costa family's lives during this challenging time.

You can also show your support and donate here at walkingwithava.org.

You can read more on our Walking With Ava Leotard FAQ's here.

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